Wall-mounted LED display

Make sure you attract the attention of everyone

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Discover our range of screens to be mounted on the facade of your shop. 

In addition to the classic screens in 16/9 format, thanks to our new generation screens, it is possible to create screens in the form of a baner of several metres wide, or screens with 90° angles. 

Let your imagination speak for itself. Attract the attention of passers-by, boost your image, make the difference.

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  • Product presentation
  • Event announcements (open houses, special openings, sales)
  • Signage (company logo, directions, parking, opening hours, closing days)
  • Safety (safety rule reminders, accident-free day counter, signage)
  • Public service announcements (alerts, upcoming events, news)
  • Customer loyalty (contests, sms games, QR code, loyalty card promotions)
  • Images, videos, RSS feeds, weather
  • Retransmission of a camera signal (via a video processor not included)
  • Retransmission of a TV signal (via a video processor not included)
  • Signal from a DVD player, PC (via a video processor not included)
  • Gegalvaniseerde structuur voor LED-display
  • Een LED-scherm
  • Een sensor voor het regelen van de helderheid van het scherm
  • Automatisch in- en uitschakelen van het scherm (dag/nacht)
  • Een professioneel contentmanagementsysteem LEDPILOT
  • De gebruikershandleiding
  • Opleiding
  • 3 jaar garantie op onderdelen en arbeid ter plaatse (België)