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Our content management software allows you to create your own TV channel within your casino: 

1. Install screens in your casino: car park, lobby, bars, toilets, gaming rooms, betting corner, smoking rooms, etc.

2. Customize your content according to the screens :

  • Winning histories
  • Pictures of the winner and the amount won
  • Program of the day's activities
  • Upcoming Promotions
  • Live and sports betting
  • Upcoming games and contests
  • Personalized greetings
  • Indications for use 
  • Content of amenities (news, weather, facebook, twitter, traffic, bus/plane schedules,...)
  • Relational content (birthdays of the staff or players present in the room)
  • Television content - retransmissions (sport, news, music)
  • Drinks and happy hour menu at the bar
  • The menu of the day in your restaurant 
We wanted to invest in a tool to centralize the content management of all our screens from a single platform. We chose the solution proposed by LEDCOM. To date, we control internally the contents of the casino's screens (about a hundred) via their software LEDPILOT. All our screens are automatically updated on a daily basis. We broadcast various contents for our customers, our promotions, contests, the agenda of upcoming events.
- K. Tekaya - Directeur Casino de Namur
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