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Are you organizing an event, attend a show ?

You want to install a custom-made giant LED screen? Trailers, totems are not the solution for you?

Then you've come to the right place! We offer indoor or outdoor screens for rent, made to measure to fit your needs.

Contact us to study your project together.

New for rent 

  • Outdoor LED panels (P4.8mm resolution) of 500 x 1000mm to be assembled to create the screen size of your choice. High brightness to be visible in full sunlight (4500 nits). Ideal for broadcasting an outdoor movie, a football match, or advertising. This screen which is waterproof is also suitable for placement in a shop window in full sun.
  • Indoor LED panels (P3.9mm resolution) of 500 x 1000mm and 500 x 500mm. This system of modular panels allows you to create custom-made screens to meet your expectations. Whether it is a screen in the form of a banner, in the 16/9 format, our tiles and their hanging brackets give you all the flexibility you need. Use them on a trade show, at a wedding ceremony, at the car show, at a gala dinner, at a reception, at the launch of a new product. 

Our teams will take care of the placement as well as the technical service if needed. 

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