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VMS Traffic Sign Trailer

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The increasing demand for traffic information in urban areas has challenged EBO van Weel to design a VMS trailer that is climate neutral, compact and easy to handle and control. 

Unique LED display: better readability and 87% energy saving.
The VW 1350 HB comes with a 80 x 80 (optional 80 x 96) pixel colour LED display. This LED display is manufactured in cooperation with the Austrian company Swarco Futurit. It has been designed with the latest technology and complies with the NEN-EN 12966 standard.

The LED display has a unique lens technology, which concentrates the light and is therefore only readable at certain distances. In addition, the pixels of the LEDs that are not used do not consume any energy, resulting in a maximum power of 195 watts. This represents an energy reduction of 87% compared to conventional LED displays.

Carefully selected combination of components prolongs battery life
An energy-saving LED display, 200 watt solar panels, a suitable solar charger and four matching 230 Ah batteries are all part of a carefully chosen combination that limits energy consumption and thus extends the operating time. Thanks to this configuration, the VW 1350 HB model is able to operate with 50% active pixels from April to September without using external power sources. This makes the VW 1350 HB unique among other VMS trailers.

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