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Lets Focus on dynamic menus.

Thanks to the professional screens, your selection of food and beverages will provide your customers with visual pleasure as soon as they enter your establishment. Animated screens in bright colours welcome your customers and enhance your menu, while speeding up the decision-making process.

Define multiple displays as a digital menu board to create a complete experience that includes menus, dynamic content and temporary promotions. Use the displays individually to reach more people in your establishment and read content on demand.

For a few years now, POINT CHAUD sandwich shops have been one after the other re-invented. LEDCOM is involved in the installation of screens. Among other things, there are menu boards or kiosks that display the promotions of the moment and the menu of products on sale. All screens are managed remotely via the LEDPILOT management system.
Professional monitors

For 24/7 use !!!

Totem Full-HD

Modern, mobile and attractive design

Portable LCD Screen

Indoor Model - Version 32" or 43"