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Whether you are a gym, a fitness center, a football, volleyball or basketball club, you are the ideal place to place screens. Ledcom accompanies you in the implementation of digital signage solutions. We help you in the choice of material whether it is a LED boarding (stadium perimeter screen), a sports scoreboard, or a network of monitors (professional television). In addition to our screen solutions, we bring you the latest solutions in content management software. 

Since we installed Led Boarding around the Standard's grounds, we have allowed new advertisers to communicate on video. LED displays allow us flexibility at all levels. In fact, some advertisers who do not have the annual budgets buy one visibility per game. In addition to boarding, we have installed two scoreboards that display the scores and the ads in 16:9 format. Finally, the whole stadium is equipped with a TV network, each screen can be managed individually, which is a significant advantage in case of privatization of spaces.
- Sacha, Standard de Liège

Put your sponsors in the spotlight on your scoreboard !