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Ledpilot and real-time content, the perfect mix

Display the right content at the right time. 

No matter where you are, it's hard to imagine how essential real-time communication becomes in the face of an increasingly demanding audience. 

In schools and universities, there are an increasing number of screens that inform students in real time. Lecture times, teacher delays, changes of premises, exam times, urgent internal messages, upcoming activities, daily menu in the canteen, etc. 
Managing communication in a school, a high school, a university is now digital. 

In companies, good communication management is essential. Placing screens in strategic places is important depending on the type of message to be broadcast and its target. Therefore, we can find outdoor screens for advertising, signage or security purposes. In a company reception hall, the screens will be used for a mixed use allowing visitors to be welcomed individually, to broadcast content highlighting the company's values or for signage purposes. In many companies, the screens are largely positioned at "strategic" points of passage to optimize the company's internal communication. This is how human resources departments communicate with staff on a daily basis about new developments, the arrival of a new employee, new positions to be filled, upcoming activities, or even company figures.

The stores are not without their remnants. Screen walls, giant screens, shop windows equipped with screens visible in full sunlight highlight new products and promotional messages. A last minute price change? A temporary offer? A minute destocking? A happy hour? Inform passers-by, your customers live allows you to differentiate your business. 

Fast Food, Sandwicherie now offer menu boards. The products sold are highlighted via attractive videos. Price changes can be managed live. Out of stock? A last minute promotion? The promotion of an offer 

Ledpilot is the tool you need to create your content and manage your live screens. 

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